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Login Help

(Works best with Chrome or Firefox. Some users on versions of Internet Explorer have reported problems).

Here are some helpful hints on logging in....

  1. Passwords are case-sensitve. Make sure you use the correct combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as shown in your invitation.
  2. If this is your first time logging in you should use the password supplied in the MOST RECENT invitation. Discard the other invitations as the password has expired.
  3. If you cannot remember your password use the forgot password link located on the sign-in page.
  4. If the password does not work use the forgot password link located on the sign-in page.
  5. Your LOGIN ID is the email address we sent the invitation to. 

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Protecting Your Priceline Account

Protecting your Priceline Account


Never share your username and password with others.

If you have received an unexpected password reset email, please get in touch with your Priceline Market Manager immediately.


Irrespective of the browser, Hotel Portal website should always be
Depending on your browser the security certificate (lock sign) will be shown slightly differently, however always confirm its presence.

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