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Attention: General Manager, Director of Sales, Revenue Manager


Dear Priceline Hotel Partner,

Please make sure your 2014 hotel rates are loaded in Priceline's hotel programs so your hotel  generates bookings on priceline.com in the New Year.  If your hotel is not in any or all of our programs, join NOW to become a partner with Priceline - voted the #1 most positively buzzed about brand in the travel agency segment, and ranked #4 overall in positive brand buzz among all travel companies.*                               


Load opaque rates and open availability now to capture incremental bookings in both Name Your Own Price and Express Deals, our semi-opaque program which requires no bidding by customers.  Both programs help your hotel build RevPAR and occupancy toward your 2014 goals.  Some tips:

  • Load multiple rate tiers and yield your opaque rates rather than closing them out. Remember these are pre-paid, guaranteed, non-refundable bookings.
  • Review the Monthly Price Point Report and the Express Deals Availability Report for valuable pricing guidance to capture customer demand.  The same opaque rates are pulled for both programs - a minimum discount of 20% off retail is required to qualify you for Express Deals.
  • Aggressively price for same day bookings to fill distressed inventory – 29% of priceline opaque bookings are for check-ins the SAME DAY!
  • Loading opaque rates gives your hotel exposure to Priceline's award winning mobile platform, ensuring you receive bookings from this growing customer segment.
  • Contact your Priceline Regional Revenue Manager to assist in maximizing your hotel's priceline performance and capture your fair share of the opaque market.
  • Offer bed choice for a better chance to book in Express Deals and serve our mutual customers.

Priceline Merchant (Travelweb)

Please load competitive Priceline Merchant (Travelweb) rates, including promotional rates, and open availability throughout 2014.   Some handy tips:

  • Load your 2014 Priceline Merchant (Travelweb) rates at your contracted merchant discount.
  • Make sure your Priceline Merchant rates and availability are competitive and as low as the rates you provide to other online sites.
  • Ensure your hotel's content, images, services and amenities are updated and appealing for higher conversion and complete merchandising of everything your hotel has to offer.
  • Load promotional rates, including dollar off/percent off discounts, free nights and value adds, to increase your hotel's placement and conversion.
  • Gain market share and drive bookings in Priceline Sponsored Listings – our new pay-per-click program in which hotels bid for premium listings in our search results.  Sign up now at www.PricelineSponsoredListings.com or by calling 1-888-781-2150.
  • Conveniently receive your  reports and other important information via Priceline's Hotel Portal by contacting your Regional Revenue Manager.

Our very best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

*Source:  YouGov BrandIndex